Earn $500 per Day

A discussion of the reality of making money through internet marketing. We will try out a different home based business periodically and decide whether it is a viable business opportunity. First one is the 1 Step system.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Earn $500 per day within 24 to 48 hours....

Hi Folks! My name is Ed Staib and I am an online marketer. And I have a real world job as a handyman and painter, for now...
I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, with my wife and four kids. I am a regular guy, a self employed person for a year now. I like being my own boss. Like most other people my age, I'm 51, been working all my life, got a house and some furniture, tools etc but not much else to show for it. I have lots of debt too. And no retirement plan. We'll actually, I recently started one, but it's almost too late for it to grow to much to be of any real value. Bottom line, I think I want to be wealthy now and see how the other ten percent lives. I want it all, and I'm in a hurry. This is my story.

I believe the internet is the new frontier. There are many many scams out there in that internet place, where is it anyway?? But I have found real people who are quietly making good money, and some making disgustingly awesome amounts of CASH every week. So now I am sure the opportunity is real and it exists.

My short term goal is to earn a regular $4000 a month online, and I'm willing to risk some money to do it. I will tell you what I've looked at, what is working (generating REAL money) and what is pending.

Have you heard of the 1 Step system,if not this is one you need to take a hard look at and anyone can do it! http://1785.1stepsystem.com. It costs about $649 to join. You make two payments, one to admin for about $146 which includes your products and the other $500 you pay directly to your sponsor.

You now have a complete marketing system (your product) which consists of a rotating web site, web marketing tools, email ads, pay per click ads, banners, web statistics,etc. here are the links in from my back office:

Video Center,Marketing Center,Manage Profile,Manage Website,Website Stats,Make Payment,Campaign Manager,Genealogy Report,PDF marketing (email, internet, ways to make money, ad writing/sales letters),Audios, Software,Give Testimonial,Private Messenger,View Order Page,Activate Customer,Customer Support,My Personal Page and logout

With absolutely no experience in web marketing, selling or promotion I was able to take out 1 classified ad, and three stormclix campaigns using the ads supplied in the back office and made $1500 in four days! OneStep means YOU get people to sign up to hear the free TeleSeminar (http://www.1785.1stepsystem.com/index.php?page=audio_email_2), and the system will do all the follow up to close the sale for you! Let's see, I spent about $649 to sign up, and spent about $250 total for all my advertising and about $60 in PayPal fees so I net about $540 profit the first week. Not too bad!

I like this one because I am now in profit, and can set it aside if I like and come back to it anytime I need some fast cash. At the present time it is still in pre-launch and the 2 up requirement is being waived until further notice. BUT once that is in effect, your signups have to pass their first two sales upline to you, same with their first two. This makes it possible to earn off your downline $7,500 for each one, instead of the $500 at present. Very powerful concept. I have set this one aside at the present and am looking into some other things. It can be difficult to remain focused sometimes!